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mypixel is an online advertising platform that empowers independent businesses like yours.

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Meet mypixel, your new advertising companion

mypixel is a digital advertising platform designed to help independent businesses retarget their audience anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re building your first campaign or you’re already familiar with online advertising, mypixel’s got you covered.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting happens when a customer visits your website, leaves without taking any action and is then served an ad through another channel about one of your services or products.

Retargeting banner ads reinforce potential client interest in your products and services and can dramatically improve your conversion rate.

We're a fast growing company that thrives in the ever changing advertising industry.

8.5B ads served a day

200 Countries

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How mypixel retargeting platform works

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Setup your account and information on your business to get started.

Setup your campaign

Setup your first campaign by including your daily budget and others targeting campaign parameters.

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Every mypixel account comes with a set of free ad creatives built by our team of experts - and it's free!

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Install your tracking pixel and watch your campaign go live.

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mypixel has allowed us to explore new advertising options. It’s very user-friendly and has made it seamless for us to launch our ads and our campaigns. 

Jack Kaladjian from Park and Finch
Jack K.
Park and Finch Eyewear

We love using mypixel for our retargeting campaigns. The reporting suite gives us all the information we need to see how our campaigns are performing.

Simon from La Castagne
Simon R.

Since our services are offered online, mypixel is the best way to connect with our customers and create awareness around our products. It’s quick, efficient and simple.

Kevin from Food Trip To
Kevin M.
Food Trip To

Since using mypixel, we have seen a notable increase in engagement with our online visitors, including requests for demos and services information.

Gira from Expert Service Solutions
Gira D.
Expert Service Solutions, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is an automated ad campaign that will serve specific ads to customers who have visited your website. Find out more about it and how it works!

What is a tracking pixel?

A tracking pixel is the piece of Java-script that will make your retargeting campaign work. Don't forget to set it up! Learn more about pixel-based retargeting.


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