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What are ad formats?

There are many ways to showcase your brand. Want to advertise on mobile phones? Integrate a video to your ad? Or do you want to display two offers in one ad so you can learn more about your audience preferences? Depending on the goal of your campaign and the message you want to display, you will want to use different ad designs with different features.

Discover the formats you could use with mypixel!


1 banner. 2 offers. That’s what we call killing two birds with one stone. Swipe is a format that allows you to do just that: you can display two offers in the same ad and let your customers alternate between each one by swiping directly in the banner.

With a high level of engagement, this unique format helps you stand out from the masses as it is more interactive than a static banner. This format is perfect for an awareness campaign.

Sizes available:

728x90; 300x250; 300x600; 160x600; 970x90; 970x250; 300x1050; 320x50

Perfect for:

  • • Awareness campaigns
  • • Showcasing new products

Main benefits:

  • • Interactive format
  • • Generates more engagement
  • • Displays two offers in one ad


Reveal is the perfect mix of a powerful message with a promotional banner. This banner displays a top layer with a message inviting the viewer to reveal the ad. After mouseover or 5 seconds of exposure, the bottom layered is revealed where advertisers can wow their customers with a beautiful ad creative.

This format also offers 100% viewability guaranteed. This means that your number of impressions is calculated on the number of people who revealed that ad, and not just the ones that were exposed to it, giving you a precise idea on your reach and audience engagement.

Sizes available:

300x250; 728x90; 300x600

Perfect for:

  • • Awareness campaigns
  • • Sales and promotions

Main benefits:

  • • Guaranteed viewability
  • • Interactive format that stands out
  • • Generates more engagement

Video billboard.

Video has made its way to the top best tools to catch your audience’s attention. With video billboard, advertisers can immerse their customers in their brand’s universe by displaying a 15s or 30s video, blended in a promotional banner.

You also want to make sure your audience has the best experience possible; that's why the video is user-activated, which means it is non-intrusive and makes for better ads.

Sizes available:

970 x 250; 300 x 600

Perfect for:

  • • Immersive experience
  • • Showcase a powerful message

Main benefits:

  • • High-impact with video
  • • More visibility
  • • Better experience for the customer

IAB Standards.

IAB standards are static ad banners that were built according to the standards set by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which means they are accepted by all websites and on all devices (desktop, mobile and tablets).

Those banners are perfect for an awareness campaign as it enables you to achieve a wide reach and to target a vast audience, wherever they may be. Plus, with a wide range of sizes, you can have more creative freedom when building your ads.

Sizes available:

728x90, 300x250, 300x600, 160x600, 970x90, 970x250, 300x1050 or 320x50

Perfect for:

  • • Awareness campaigns

Main benefits:

• Wide reach on all devices
• Creative opportunities

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