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mypixel is based on simplicity, but also on flexibility, so you can stay in control of all aspects of your campaign. You’re getting great results and want to increase the budget? go right ahead. Want to shorten your campaign? No problem. Just like its pricing, mypixel is built to be adapted to your needs.

What is maximum daily spend?

Our maximum daily spend is the maximum you want to spend on a daily basis per campaign. Note that you may not spend this amount depending on the number of visitors you receive, but this value is the cap that you never want to exceed so you can have peace of mind.

Start with a minimum budget low as:

a day.

  • Access to the platform
  • Access to exclusive formats
  • Free custom-made creatives
  • Premium support on your campaigns
  • Live chat for quick assistance
  • The platform

    Access to the platform gives you all the perks mypixel has to offer: a creative ad builder, precise targeting options, an extensive reporting suite and access to a network of 7,500 top websites.

    Add to this the thoughtfully presented documentation, featuring code highlighting, snippets, class customizer explanation and you've got yourself one powerful value package.

  • Exclusive formats

    mypixel offers more creative opportunities than any other platform. With our exclusive formats, you can create great compelling ads to reach your customers.

  • Free Creatives

    To get you started on the right foot, mypixel offers to build your first creatives for you. All you need to do is approve them and launch your campaign.

  • Premium support

    Launching your first digital campaign is exciting, but sometimes, you need just a couple tips to make sure everything works perfectly. Our experts are always there to give you advice to optimize your campaign.

  • Live Chat

    Sometimes, you just need an answer right away. That's why mypixel offers a live chat option. Speak to one of our experts directly if you have any questions!

What do customers think of mypixel?

mypixel has allowed us to explore new advertising options. It’s very user-friendly and has made it seamless for us to launch our ads and our campaigns. 

Jack Kaladjian from Park and Finch
Jack K.
Park and Finch Eyewear

We love using mypixel for our retargeting campaigns. The reporting suite gives us all the information we need to see how our campaigns are performing.

Simon from La Castagne
Simon R.

Since our services are offered online, mypixel is the best way to connect with our customers and create awareness around our products. It’s quick, efficient and simple.

Kevin from Food Trip To
Kevin M.
Food Trip To

Since using mypixel, we have seen a notable increase in engagement with our online visitors, including requests for demos and services information.

Gira from Expert Service Solutions
Gira D.
Expert Service Solutions, Inc.

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